About Our Company

About Our Company

Family Owned Since 1974, Ingleside Engineering is home of Master Ground Water Well Contractor Brian Van Beusekom.

We specialize in well drilling, well sealing, agricultural irrigation, septic systems, and geothermal vertical loops.

Here is one of our friendly and
helpful employees and vice president B.J.
Van Beusekom.

Here are a few of the grand kids: Sophia, Aidan, Clara, and
their dog Deagle posing with a boss traveling gun.

Drawing by B.J. Van Beusekom

Above is our pump hoist rig that had to
be set on blocks and jacks so that it could
pull this customer’s pump from their well.
We are able to adapt to most situations to
pull a pump.

What We Do


We drill year round as we drill through harder materials than frozen ground. By combining neighboring wells with our expertise we determine best depth to find an adequate water supply.


For the agricultural irrigation aspect of our business we sell and service both center pivots and traveling guns.  Several of the brands we work with are T and L, Rienke and Boss.


For installation of a septic system, a soil boring test needs to be done to determine what type of system you may need in addition to the size.  The two systems available are mound and drain field.


Experiencing low water pressure or possibly even no water pressure at all?  Then call us to
help troubleshoot your water problems or have us come out and service your well.


Sealing a well is a common procedure done to prevent contaminating the aquifer, and is more complicated than putting a cap on a well or even filling a well from the top.


We sell irrigation hose, traveling guns, sprinklers, clover leafs, gear drives, booster pump kits, butterfly valves, control boxes, new & used center pivots and any  parts for irrigation systems.

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