Ingleside Engineering and Construction
Pictured above is the rotary rig set up in the drilling process using bentonite (a form
of powdered clay).
 We are able to drill in winter as we drill through harder materials
than frozen ground.

By looking at neighboring wells along with our history we are able to get a good idea
as to how far it is necessary to find an adequate water supply to suit your needs.  
However there are many factors and conditions that can change from one place to
the next, so it is not uncommon for your neighbors well to be several feet shorter or
shallower than yours.   
Pictured to the right is a
typical house well set up
with pressure tank, pressure
switch  underground pit less
water connection and the
well pump set in the casing.

The water connection is
buried six feet below the
ground which is lower than
the frost line and prevents
freeze up.