Ingleside Engineering and Construction
Sealing a well (also known as capping a well or grouting) is
a common procedure done to prevent contaminating the
aquifer.  The process is a bit more complicated than
putting a cap on a well or even filling a well from the top for
that matter.  The pump and drop pipe need to be pulled
from the well, then a tremie line needs to be sent down the
well and the well is filled with grout from the bottom up.  
The grout is high solids bentonite which is a form of
powder clay made into a liquid mixture.  Pending where the
bottom of your' well is can determine if using neat cement
may be necessary and or perforating the casing.

No matter where your well is we are able to pull it, seen
above is a well that was in a basement offset that wasn't
more than 6' 4" tall.  This well was pulled in 3' sections
using our cable pulley.

It is absolutely necessary to hire a licensed water well
contractor for sealing a well.  Simply filling it with concrete
on your own may require the contractor extra work in the
process  by having to remove the cement and could result
in fines from the Minnesota department of health.  
Sometimes the casing itself may need to be pulled which
can make a rather inexpensive job a very expensive job.