Thank you very much for your services, job well done, much appreciated.


Out of Water

On Monday May 1 2017 we experienced an emergency when our well pump motor
went bad and burned up.

We called Brian Van Beusekom at 8:30 am and by 9:00 am we had someone at our
house in Medina.  After checking out the fried circuit board, they determined that the
well pump motor was shot and it needed to be replaced.

It rained and even snowed all day and Tom worked right through the adverse
conditions. By 4:00 PM the same day all the work was complete and we had water

I would highly recommend Ingleside Engineering for the services.  They have great
customer service and quality people that will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Thank you,

Bill and Tamara
Beautiful, great job.

Hey guys!

Just wanted to thank you for the job you did on our well.

The sanitizing really cleared things up and we just wanted to thank you!

All is “well” again with the water 🙂


Dave of Loretto, MN

Thanks!  Works great.  We appreciate the service.



We would like to tell Ted and B.J. of the fine work they did.  Also, how
well they kept us informed and being as patient with us in regards to all
the questions we had.

Thanks again and Ingleside will be a top referral from us.

Curt & Beckie Z.

Thanks for helping with a horrible situation. Hate camping with no water!
Best wishes,

Kraig L. of Corcoran, MN

Thanks for the Wal-Mart gift card and Christmas card.  Thanks for all
your help and I think you go the extra mile.

Bill L.

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